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Starting off as a few dads that loved baseball and playing with their kids; Tilted Athletic Facility started first with family. Tilted Athletic Facility is an athletic training facility in the heart of Hanford, Ca. The facility boasts 8 hitting tunnels, 1 large 90’x35’ tunnel, a 6,500 sq ft indoor gym, and 8,000 square feet of outdoor gym and turf. The facility was founded and created on the foundation of improving the athletic abilities and life skills of our youth. Since our original inception in 2020, we have expanded to feature a 24/7 gym for athletes and people of all ages. We strive to create an inclusive atmosphere no matter the goals or fitness level of the members. We have trainers available for overall athletic training, sport specific training, group fitness training, or 1-on-1 personal training. We also have trainers available for hitting, pitching, fielding, and catching lessons.

In January of 2023, Tilted Athletic Facility opened up a new location which includes; workout classes, a pool, a sauna and steam room, a tap room, inside turf, machinery that fits all of you athletic needs, personal training, and much more. We strive for our facility to be catering to all sorts of people, no matter what age! Tilted Athletic Facility is simply a place for you to work on your fitness journey while being with your family and friends!



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